Information for drivers
How to unlock the apartment’s gate
Use the intercom to let us open the gate
Press 0 - 0 - 4 - [呼出] to call me up
Please accept to take off your footwear in the classroom since the studio is a typical Japanese-style apartment house, and we do not have any slippers or mules.
If you feel to need some, please bring your own. Otherwise, we sell a pair of cotton socks at 100 jpy in the classroom.
WiFi available in the classroom
SSID: not
Password: sobad28soba
Tsukiji Soba Academy
Akila Inouye
International call +81 80 3415 7605
Domestic call 080 3415 7605
〒104-0043 東京都中央区湊3-18-14 ハインズ(Hins)湊 004
水準社株式会社 井上明