Lonely Planet reports us in so many issues of their guide books

Learn Awesome Soba
& Japanese Cooking

skills, knowledge and theories from Akila Inouye.

Buckwheat noodles & Japanese cooking class in Tsukiji.
Akila Inouye offers each lesson in English,
flexible and various course we have,
professional course and big class are also available.

Guide Michelin reports one of our graduates “Soba quu”: Congratulations! Mr. Koki Takubo is reported in “Le Guide Michelin Aichi-Gifu-Mie 2019.”
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Tsukiji Soba Academy


Various types of lesson: You can find your best course at Tsukiji Soba Academy.

Soba making class, from scratch

Have a great experience of making noodles with tasting. More Info

Various Japanese cooking class

We also offer Japanese easy home cooking classes. Enjoy. More Info

Soba & Japanese combination class

Popular combinations of soba and Japanese cooking. More Info

Soba workshop for professionals

Learn the top-notch soba making world from Akila Inouye. More Info

Special offer for professionals

To meet your aim flexibly with our skills and knowledge. Contact us

To order big group cooking class

Up to 60 people,Big class cooking lesson in English. More info

Click any image you are interested in, you’ll have appropriate suggestions of the best fit class and options for you to join in. Go top
Secret slurping drill
Soba from scratch
Make by your hands
With rich duck meat
Tender pork berry on top
For strict vegan
Professional exercises
Tempura pro course
Big class available
Children friendly
Awesome river view
Sobaya’s egg roll
Gyudon, beef bowl
Silky egg custard
Quality tuna bowl
Sushi roll & inari
Japanese authentic meal
Japonica rice cooking
Bento, lunch box
Pickles workshop
Booze & appetizers
Sushi, assorted toppings
Fancy soba noodles
Chef: Akila Inouye
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