Soba class in English is here. Worldwide people enjoys handmade buckwheat noodles with our unique and radical way. We offer 3.5 hours from-scratch-class for tourists, 10 day soba chef course to be a pro and more. You can get so many practical essentials quickly.
In 2014, We are now stepping out to the higher ground. Tsukiji soba academy has been totally positive integrated into the Tokyo cooking studio. All of the operations will be conducted by the chef Akila Inouye and to meet much wider expectations from Soba and Japanese cooking lovers. Please refer New About Us . Join us and enjoy soba and Japanese cooking!
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Most fave noodles in Japan.


Soba, buckwheat noodles, has really wonderful taste and flavor. It also makes your weight less and your health fantastic.

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We offer various of hand made soba classes, sessions and events to meet your needs widely. Regular classes just for fun, private professional hands-on lessons to start your soba business, chartered soba events or classes are avilable. We use stone milled soba flour made from quality buckwheat crop and organic produced ingredients whenever available.

We also improved soba utensils and equipments to complete the advanced soba making easier.
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