Tsukiji Soba Academy

Waiver of Liability.

Please read the following carefully, it may affect your legal rights.

By signing-up any Tsukiji Soba Academy Class, all of you agree to release Tsukiji Soba Academy from any liability for injury occurring during “Tsukiji Soba Academy Cooking Class.”

I, _(Print Your Name) ____________________________________, hereby acknowledge my voluntary enrollment in “Tsukiji Soba Academy Cooking Class.” I know and fully understand that the class offered by Tsukiji Soba Academy involves the use of sharp knives and other potentially dangerous cooking implements that could result in injury. For the safety of myself and others, I hereby promise to exercise the utmost care in conducting these cooking activities.

I assume all risks associated with or arising from participation in “Tsukiji Soba Academy Cooking Class.”

I also acknowledge that participating in this cooking class involves exposure to ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. For my safety, I agree to inform the instructor of any food allergies I may have. I also agree to take all steps necessary to protect myself from such exposure.

Tsukiji Soba Academy hereby disclaims any liability for injury resulting from food allergies and exposure to ingredients.

Do not signup any Tsukiji Soba Academy classes unless you have read the waiver and agree to its terms.

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Signature: _____________________________________

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